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May 2000  --  Vol. 1  No. 1

May  2000

Nov.  2000

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Jan K. Brueckner
Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries: The Effects of Local Corruption and Tax Evasion
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Guoqiang Tian
Feasible and Continuous Double Implementation of Constrained Walrasian Allocations
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Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka, and Chi-Wa Yuen
Do Debt Flows Crowd Out Equity Flows or the Other Way Round?
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Charles Cao and Hyuk Choe
Evolution of Transitory Volatility over the Week
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Pin-Huang Chou, Yuan-Lin Hsu, and Guofu Zhou
Investment Horizon and the Cross Section of Expected Returns: Evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange
View Abstract   View Article
Jia-an Yan, Qiang Zhang, and Shuguang Zhang
Growth Optimal Portfolio in a Market Driven by a Jump-Diffusion-Like Process or a Levy Process
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Yunhong Yang
Martingale and Relaxation-Projection Methods for Utility Maximization with Portfolio Constraints and Stochastic Income

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Liutang Gong and Heng-fu Zou
Foreign Aid Reduces Domestic Capital Accumulation and Increases Foreign Borrowing: A Theoretical Analysis
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Weiying Zhang
Why Are Entrepreneurs Liquidity-Constrained?
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Chun Chang and Yijiang Wang
Choosing between Up-or-Out and Spot Contracts: Human Capital Investment versus Job-Matching Considerations
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Xiaokai Yang and Dingsheng Zhang
Endogenous Structure of the Division of Labor, Endogenous Trade Policy Regime, and a Dual Structure in Economic Development
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