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May 2018  --  Vol. 19  No. 1

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Nicolas E. Magud, Carmen M. Reinhart, and Kenneth S. Rogoff
Capital Controls: Myth and Reality
      View Article
Pengfei Wang and Danyang Xie
Trade, Sectorial Reallocation, and Growth
      View Article
Qichun He, and Meng Sun
Does Fiscal Decentralization Increase the Investment Rate? Evidence from Chinese Panel Data
    View Article
Dennis Wesselbaum
Fiscal Policy in a Business Cycle Model with Endogenous Productivity
       View Article
Wataru Nozawa and Hoonsik Yang
Optimal Inflation in a Model of Inside Money: A Further Result
     View Article
Jan F. Kiviet and Zhenxi Chen
A Critical Appraisal of Studies Analyzing Co-movement of International Stock Markets
     View Article
Lonnie L. Bryant, Maureen Butler, and Zhongling Cao
Mutual Fund Fee Structures and Broker Compensation
       View Article
Peisen Liu, Shoujun Huang, and Houjian Li
Bank Concentration and Firms' Debt Structure: Evidence from China
       View Article
Peter J. Stauvermann and Jin Hu
What can China Expect from an Increase of the Mandatory Retirement Age?
       View Article
Rui Li
Could Risk Management Be Harmful to Firms?
       View Article
Man Xu and Qing Shi
A Theoretic Approach to China's Housing Market Boom and Down Payment Loans
       View Article
Jing Fang
Country Size and Strategic Trade Policy: A Model of a Dominant Country Facing a Competitive Fringe
       View Article
Jiangli Dou and Bing Ye
Product Differentiation, Exclusivity, and Multi-purchasing
       View Article
Eliana Angelini and Matteo Foglia
The Relationship Between IPO and Macroeconomics Factors: An Empirical Analysis from UK Market
       View Article
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