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May  2019  --  Vol. 20  No. 1

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Kenneth A. Froot, Michael Kim, and Kenneth Rogoff
The Law of One Price Over 700 Years
      View Article
Kenneth A. Froot
Currency Hedging Over Long Horizons
      View Article
Jianjun Miao
Corporate Tax Policy and Long-Run Capital Formation: The Role of Irreversibility and Fixed Costs
    View Article
Yong Li and Jun Yu
An Improved Bayesian Unit Root Test in Stochastic Volatility Models
       View Article
Duy T. Nguyen, Mai H. Bui, and Dung H. Do
The Relationship Of Dividend Policy and Share Price Volatility: A Case in Vietnam
     View Article
Altantsetseg Batchuluun, Yulei Luo, and Eric R. Young
Portfolio Choice with Information-Processing Limits
     View Article
Adil Elfakir and Mohamed Tkiouat
Adverse Selection and Moral Hazards Reduction in Corporate Financing: A Mechanism Design Model for PLS Contracts
       View Article
Yuanzhu Lu and Sougata Poddar
Limiting End-user Piracy -- The Role of Private and Public Anti-Piracy Measure
       View Article
Francisco Alvarez and Cristina Mazon
Overpricing in Spanish Treasury Auctions
       View Article
Changlin Luo
The Transition of Local Government Financing Platforms in China: Risks, Incentives, and Regulations
       View Article
Antonio Miguel Martins, Ana Paula Serra, Francisco Vitorino Martins, and Simon Stevenson
Residential Property Loans and Bank Performance during Property Price Booms: Evidence from Europe
       View Article
Lei Hou, Wei Long, and Qi Li
Comovement of Home Prices: A Conditional Copula Approach
       View Article
Jinghan Cai, Chiu Yu Ko, Yuming Li, and Le Xia
Hide and Seek: Uninformed Traders and the Short-sales Constraints
       View Article
Hongkui Liu, Ming Xu, and Tenglong Zhong
Import Competition and Export Markups: Evidence from Chinese Multi-Product Exporters
       View Article
Claude Montmarquette and Nathalie Viennot-Briot
The Gamma Factors and the Value of Financial Advice
       View Article
Shan Pan
Sectoral Heterogeneity and the "Dual" Structural Change in China
       View Article
Jingwen Yu and Kaiming Guo
Social Security, Intergenerational Transfers, and Growth
       View Article
Umer Shahzad and Fengming Qin
New Terrorism and Capital Flight: Pre and Post Nine Eleven Analysis for Asia
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