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November  2018  --  Vol. 19  No. 2

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Kevin X. D. Huang and Jonathan L. Willis
Sectoral Interactions and Monetary Policy under Costly Price Adjustments
      View Article
Sergio Bianchi and Massimiliano Frezza
Liquidity, Efficiency and the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis
      View Article
Mariya Gubareva
Historical Interest Rate Sensitivity of Emerging Market Sovereign Debt: Evidence of Regime Dependent Behavior
    View Article
Kaihua Deng and Dun Jia
Backtesting Stress Tests: A Guide for M2 Forward Guidance
       View Article
Mohammad Sharif Karimi and Mehran Malekshahian
Ricardian Comparative Advantage: Impact of Specialization on the Exportation of Products in ASEAN Countries
     View Article
Yong Tan
The Impacts of Competition and Risk on Profitability in Chinese Banking: Evidence from Boone Indicator and Stability Inefficiency
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Tristan Canare
The Effect of Ease of Doing Business on Firm Creation
       View Article
Jia Xie
Concavity-Preserving Integration and Its Application in Principal-Agent Problems
       View Article
Linus Wilson
How to Compare Faculty Pay Across the Business School
       View Article
Mara Madaleno, Celeste Amorim Varum, and Isabel Horta
SMEs Performance and Internationalization: A Traditional Industry Approach
       View Article
Zelealem Yiheyis and Emmanuel Cleeve
Official Development Assistance and Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Investigation of Their Implications for Domestic Capital Formation in Africa
       View Article
Hongliang Zhang, Betul Arda, Yuechan Lu, and Senlin Miao
Stock Liquidity and Price Crash Risk: Evidence from a Kernel Matching Approach
       View Article
Chu Ping Lo
China's New Silk Road and China-EU Trade
       View Article
Muhammad Ahad, Ijaz ur Rehman, Fiza Qureshi, Waqas Hanif, and Zaheer Anwer
Modelling Asymmetric Impact of Home Country Macroeconomic Variables on American Depository Receipts: Evidence from Eurozone
       View Article
Liutang Gong, Feng Shi, and Chan Wang
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy with Durable Goods
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