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November  2019  --  Vol. 20  No. 2

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Sunil S. Poshakwale and Pankaj Chandorkar
The Impact of Aggregate and Disaggregate Consumption Shocks on the Equity Risk Premium in the United Kingdom
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Huasheng Song, Ruqu Wang, and Jianliang Ye
The Balancing Act: The Optimal Assignment of New Players in Sports Leagues
      View Article
Miguel Angel Ropero
Pricing Policies in a Market With Asymmetric Information and Non-Bayesian Firms
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Zhaobo Zhu, Xinrui Duan, and Jun Tu
The Trend in Short Selling and the Cross Section of Stock Returns
       View Article
Yegnanew A. Shiferaw
Multivariate Analysis of East African Currency Exchange Rate Dynamics
     View Article
Bo Zhang and Zhixiang Zhang
Human Capital Accumulation and Life-cycle Earning
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Andrey Kudryavtsev
Holiday Effect on Large Stock Price Changes
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Hong Zhuang, Haiyan Yin, Miao Wang, and Jiawen Yang
Bank Efficiency and Regional Economic Growth: Evidence from China
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Woon Kan Yap, Siong Hock Law, and Judhiana Abdul-Ghani
Effects of Credit Market Freedom on Output Reallocation in China's Banking Sector Through the Intermediation of Cost X-inefficiency
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Yingjie Niu and Zhentao Zou
Corporate Investment, Tobin's Q and Liquidity Management under Time-Inconsistent Preferences
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Sebastian Langer and Artem Korzhenevych
Equalization Transfers and the Pattern of Municipal Spending: An Investigation of the Flypaper Effect in Germany
       View Article
Yonghwan Jo and Jihee Kim
Revisiting the Time Series Momentum Anomaly
       View Article
Patrick Omoruyi Eke and Alexander Ehimare Omankhanlen
Public-Private Partnership and Financial Structure Development: Cointegration Lessons for selected sub-Sahara African Economies
       View Article
Rangan Gupta and Philton Makena
Inflation Aversion and the Growth-Inflation Relationship
       View Article
Kuo-Hwa Chang and Michael Nayat Young
Portfolios Optimizations of Behavioral Stocks with Perception Probability Weightings
       View Article
Chan Wang and Gang Yi
Bank Runs and Business Cycles in a Small Open Economy
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