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November 2015  --  Vol. 16  No. 2

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Peter J. Stauvermann and Ronald R. Kumar
The Dilemma of International Capital Tax Competition in the Presence of Public Capital and Endogenous Growth
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Felipa de Mello-Sampayo, Sofla de Sousa-Vale, and
Francisco Camoes
Substitutability Between Drugs, Innovation, and Fiscal Policy in the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Shenghui Tong, Eddy Junarsin, and Chuntao Li
A Comparative Study of Chinese SOE Firm's Boards and Private Firm's Boards
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Dingming Liu, Pu Chen, and Chunyang Wang
How Local Financial Market Conditions, Interest Rates, and Productivity Relate to Decisions to Export
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Ki Beom Binh and Hogyu Jhang
Extraneous Risk: Pricing of Non-Systematic Risk
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Luya Wang, Zhongwen Liang, Juan Lin, and Qi Li
Local Constant Kernel Estimation of a Partially Linear Varying Coeefficient Cointegration Model
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Zhaojun Yang and Chunhong Zhang
The Pricing of Two Newly Invented Swaps in a Jump-Diffusion Model
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Haijun Wang and L. Steven Hou
Robust Consumption and Portfolio Choice with Habit Formation, the Spirit of Capitalism and Recursive Utility
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Andrea Beccarini
Another Look at the Boom and Bust of Financial Bubbles
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Dimitrios I. Vortelinos
The Effect of Macro News on Volatility and Jumps
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Jamal Bouoiyour and Refk Selmi
What Does Bitcoin Look Like?
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Qin Wang, Yiheng Zou, Yu Ren, and Zhuo Huang
The Spirit of Capitalism and the Equity Premium 
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Ting Luo and Zhiguo Xiao
Selective Disclosure Associated with Institutional Investors: Evidence Based on Chinese Stock Market
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