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November 2013  --  Vol. 14  No. 2 (A)

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Robert J. Barro
Education and Economic Growth
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Robert J. Barro
Health and Economic Growth
      View Article
Jizheng Huang and Heng-fu Zou
Asset Pricing, Capital Structure and the Spirit of Capitalism in a Production Economy
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Michael Berlemann and Forrest D. Nelson
Forecasting Inflation via Electronic Markets
       View Article
Li Ma, Miao Liu, Junxun Dai and Xian Huang
Capital Requirements of Commercial Banks and Lending Discrimination against Small Businesses: Theory and Empirical Evidence from China 
     View Article
Rui Albuquerque and Jianjun Miao
CEO Power, Compensation, and Governance
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Zheng Fang and Chris Sakellariou
Discrimination in the Equilibrium Search Model with Wage Tenure Contracts
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Xiangbo Liu, Zijun Liu, and Zhigang Qiu
Stock Market Manipulation in the Presence of Fund Flows
       View Article
Shenyi Jiang, Wei Sun, and Anthony Webb
The Impact of House Price Movements on Non-durable Goods Consumption of Older Households
       View Article
Ge Zhou
Rational Equity Bubbles
      View Article
Qichun He and Meng Sun
Dances with Chinese Data: Are the Reform Period Chinese Provincial Panel Data Reliable?
      View Article
Jose Dias Curto and Joao Marques
How the U.S. Capital Markets Volatility Interacts With Economic Growth
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Hong Zhou, Guoping Li and Wanfa Lin
A Study on the Relationship between Short-Term International Capital Flow and the Volatility of China's Stock Market
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November 2013  --  Vol. 14  No. 2 (B)

Robert J. Aumann and Lloyd S. Shapley
Long-Term Competition -- a Game-Theoretic Analysis
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Roy Bahl and Jorge Martinez-Vazquez
Sequencing Fiscal Decentralization
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Philippe Michel and Pierre Pestieau
Social Security and Early Retirement in an Overlapping Generations Growth Model
        View Article
Clive W.J. Granger and Namwon Hyung
Occasional Structural Breaks and Long Memory
       View Article
Herschel I. Grossman
Choosing Between Peace and War
       View Article
Sanjaya Lall
Reinventing Industrial Strategy: The Role of Government Policy in Building Industrial Competitiveness
       View Article
Luis A. Rivera-Batiz and Amadou N. R. Sy
Currency Boards, Credibility, and Macroeconomic Behavior
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Beatrix Paal, Bruce Smith and Ke Wang
Monopoly versus Competition in Banking: Some Implications for Growth and Welfare
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Beatrix Paal and Bruce D. Smith
The Sub-Optimality of the Friedman Rule and the Optimum Quantity of Money
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